Gillard & AWU – Razak & Scorpenes. Again.

About a year ago I came across a story about Julia Gillard’s possible downfall, through her work as a lawyer for the AWU. That story (Glenn Milne) got pulled but not before I got hold of it and put it up here on my blog. It attracted a lot of traffic to my blog that day so I password protected it later that day, but someone had in turn put it up in a bulletin board of sorts, having copied it from my blog.


That story went away, or so I thought. These past few days saw the story resurrect like a very lively phoenix indeed. It got front page treatments, talk show hosts went at it and blogs like Larry Pickering and Andrew Bolt worked through every sliver of every piece of information. All of these treatment underlined some things we have all known and strongly abhor about Julia Gillard. She certainly comes across as being dishonest and glosses over facts and truths and will bend anything to suit her agenda. To top it all off, she continues to play word games and make it sound like she is innocent and totally blameless on all counts. I find her utterly dishonourable. I am as ashamed of her as a PM as I was as a Malaysian, of Dr Mahathir back in the 90’s. In fact I have said many times, that Julia Gillard and her government has so many similarities with Najib Razak and his, in terms of honesty, competence and trustworthiness that it is a déjà vu for me.