Good News Bad News

With the party in London now over, it looks like the more fun business of economics and politics are occupying more substantial real estate in the media. I don’t know. Obviously I’d much rather the games in London go on for a bit more.

I recently heard a Phillip Jensen message where he quoted the venerable Billy Graham on the subject of heaven. Phillip offered his own version of heaven, which was Doug Walters hitting a six off the last ball against the English in WACA to win the match – the footage of that six being played over and over and over, is his idea of heaven.

I wish we can have that with Usain Bolt or Sally Pearson.

It wouldn’t be quite heaven for me but it would be far more preferable to other items on the front page now. What are those items now – let see:

Israel sabre rattling against a nuclear Iran. Gillard and her mob finally succumbing to John Howard’s asylum seekers’ response. China and her history rewrites. America, and news of more shooting incidents. Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan.

Give me the London 2012 news anytime…