Pile them high…

The (last) weekend started with Tress coming up to the other end of the city, where I am. We’re both from opposite ends of the Melbourne CBD – she in Docklands at the western end and I, just off Spring Street at the eastern end. She finished work early last Friday, and came up near my end and we walked around looking for a place to have dinner, had dinner, and went home early and just pottered around the house. The little black jedi was treated to a walk with the both of us in tow, and I thought he was visibly more bubbly and excited. We then got home and I went out to the local Dan Murphy’s for a restock and then we simply spent the rest of the night watching the Olympics.

The next day after the usual round of dry cleaners’, coffee and grocery shopping, we went back and worked on the garden. We removed a hedge plant which was growing into a small tree, and did some cleaning up. To remove the stump – after sawing the tree section by painful section – I swung an axe at it and it felt strangely satisfying to get rid of a tree stump that way… Tress continued working on the garden after that while I bathed the little black jedi, after which I did some vacuuming and the day was pretty much gone by then and we got some food ready for a dinner at some friends’ place. It was the sort of Saturday where one decides to catch up on a long list of housework that has been piling up and it feels great to get them all done.

Sunday was fabulous as we did absolutely nothing other than lunch and a quick shopping to get a new pair of track pants for moi. We went home after that and basically just lazed around the house.