Night out with the boys, and the Dark Franchise

Joker (comics)
Joker (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I joined a bunch of guys for dinner on Friday night. It was at a Korean BBG joint in South Yarra. The food was good and the company was very good although it was mainly engineers and builders and it is the sort of company I have not had for a while. Property development is always a big thing in Malaysia so back then I mingled with engineers and builders a fair bit. Now however this sort of company is a rare treat. There’s an engineer in the cell group I attend but by and large my current circle comprise more the finance, accounting and business types.


The big story over the weekend was the massacre by the deranged postgraduate student in Denver Colorado. Other than the usual curious issue of why ordinary citizens in US need or want such high powered weapons, the continuing dark theme of the Batman franchise haunts even more. The shadow cast by the suicide of Heath Ledger who played the Joker, continues to loom large and now this James Holmes insanity, which is again tied to the Dark Knight series of this franchise. It is eerie. I don’t know if anyone can watch this movie without once looking over the shoulders or at the doors, to see if anyone in a gas mask and bullet proof vest walks through with guns hanging off this body.