Work, live and … live

I took the day off yesterday to bid farewell to Karina. Tress and I, like many, shed tears. We will miss Karina. We will miss her presence – that overwhelmingly encouraging presence.

Later that afternoon Kiddo followed me to test drive the XC60. It was a very good car. I’m not sure about going ahead however so will leave it be for now.

Later on we headed for Tullamarine and Kiddo took off back to Canberra. We called later that night and all seems to be fine. Semester 2 starts Monday and today, we spoke on the phone about her new timetable. She is still sorting things through.

Tonight Tress and I will meet an old friend for dinner. Tomorrow night I’ll meet some new friends for dinner.

Somehow God has put people in our lives to fill the void that Kiddo’s second semester has brought. I’m looking forward to the weekend. Yesterday’s absence from work had meant 2 busy days – on Tuesday as well as today. A midweek break sounded good initially but there’s always payback. In fact the whole outlook appears to be a busy one. I don’t mind that actually.

Work will be good, before we become the one others bid farewell to. Our voids will be filled, life will go on. We will (hopefully) be missed for a little while and then we are only remembered sporadically, if at all. Work is good, for now. Maybe I’ll go get that XC60 after all.