Farewell Karina

We had just finished dinner last Friday, and was settling down at home for some coffee when we heard the news. Karina Wong, an erstwhile pocket dynamite of a lady with a perpetual flame of passion for our Lord, had passed on. The rest of the evening was sombre and it took us a little while to come to terms with the news.

The next day after lunch Tress and I went to see Jimmy her husband at their home. The children were there too. Jimmy looked tired and very sad.

Karina had been in a wheel chair for the last few years, after coming down with an MS like condition which also involved a partially degenerative brain. She lost mobility and in recent months, had also lost her speech and her vision was almost non-existent. Yet through it all she had a passion for God like no one I know. Through it all Jimmy was always by her side, attending to her every need.

On Saturday night at a dinner in Jason’s home, we all remembered her. We shared our fondest and most distinct memory of her and the impact she had on our lives. It would be a dinner I will remember for a very long time.

On Sunday in church we specifically remembered her again and many – men and women – cried unreservedly. She was someone you wanted to hug and greet for the love she has shown – to you and all around her.

Tomorrow we’ll bid her farewell. How we will all miss her. Goodbye Karina. See you again on God’s celestial shore.