Beer O’Clock

The weekend’s here again – well shortly. It has been a busy week. Yet it has been sort of fun. My routine now is to be up by 5.30, catch the 6.00 train and get to the gym by 6.30. I’ll be at my desk shortly after 8 and start my workday with a packet of Uncle Toby’s oats.

Just after 10 I’ll go get a coffee with my team members. There’s a shop about 5 minutes stroll away with fantastic coffee. 65 Degrees is a shop on Exhibition Street, between Little Lonsdale and La Trobe. There’s usually a bit of a queue there so the round trip to get that much needed and wonderful coffee usually takes around 20minutes. Back at work 10.30 then lunch at 1pm – a 15min cheap and nasty thing if it’s something from home – eaten while still sort of working. Sometimes I take a quick walk for a block or two after that. After all that it’s a slog on to just after 5. I then start to plan for the next day, make notes of unfinished tasks for the day and think about what I needed to pick up on the way home (if any) for dinner or any other reason.

On a day like today, it gets a bit hectic – the pace hasn’t let up all day. There were 4 or 5 matters being juggled – meetings, emails, phone calls, drafting etc such that before you knew it, it’s edging close to 5. Suddenly it feels like beer o’clock (a Friday version) and that is when I downed tools, start to pack up and see if there’s a group in the office I can steal a drink from… I need one…