For Another Ring Was Made…

Kiddo and I sat down and sat through the FOTR last night. We reminded ourselves what a great movie it is.

As we witnessed for the umpteenth time the slaying of Boromir by the Urukhai’s at Amon Hen by the river Anduin, the enormity of the task confronting our little heroes (Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gangee) was as fresh as when we watched it for the first time.

The grimness had descended at Moria as soon as Balroq fell off the bridge of Khazaddum and dragged Gandalf with it. We were watching the extended blue ray version so it included scenes of Gandalf doing the metaphoric descend with Balroq.

Up on the remains of Khazaddum, the Fellowship was broken and was hanging by a thread. Urged on by a focused Aragon, they had pushed on, only to be attached at Amon Hen which saw Boromir shot by Lutz’s extra thick arrows.

FOTR ended with Frodo and Sam proceeding towards Mordor on tCheir own, while Aragon, Legolas and Gimli went on pursuit of Pippin and Merry, who had been captured by the Urukhai’s who thought they were the half-lings Saruman wanted.

We were again enthralled and it didn’t take a lot of persuading to put on The Two Towers straight away after that, although we only watched about 15 minutes of it. As much as I enjoyed the pilgrim with Kiddo, there was work the next day. Sort of my Shire.