Wet, windy weekend

Henry and Kuan are folksy, lovely relatives of mine. Henry is my late father’s cousin and Kuan his wife, was a long-time family friend before she married Henry. In their early 60s and commencing the retirement phase, they are on a trail of spending the kids’ inheritance. They spent the day with us yesterday, amidst a grey, wet and windy day in Melbourne.

The rain started late Sat afternoon, when Tress, Kiddo and Julius her college friend and I were finishing up our visit to the Yarra Valley. We had just finished a cheese tasting platter with a very good wine tasting at De Bortelli’s when it bucketed down. The rain hasn’t stopped since and it was still raining this morning when Tress and I got to work.

I picked Uncle Henry and Auntie Kuan from their apartment in the city early yesterday morning, and took them to church. After church I dropped Kiddo Julius and Sammy (a mate’s daughter and a mate of Kiddo’s) off at Blackburn station (they were going into the city) and the 4 of us went to lunch at Shangri-La (the Brentford Square variety), then went shopping for a bit before going to David’s where we talked about the church in Klang – a past we all shared.

We went back into the city to drop them off at their apartment, and picked Kiddo and her friend Julius, who have been in the city with some of their university friends and we then went home.

As we were watching another episode of Masterchef, the rain continued to belt down. The cold, windy and wet misery outside were completely shielded away however, as we stayed inside and watched warm food being prepared. After heavy lunches and a whole afternoon nibbling at different goodies, we weren’t hungry so the only food present in our lounge room was from the television but that was enough to warm us. The company helped immensely of course, as Julius, Kiddo, Tress and I pottered around with the little black jedi pitter-pattering away. Old relatives, family and friends, and the dog – what better way to battle a cold, wet and windy Melbourne this past weekend.