Kiddo’s diet brought me to my feet – almost

Last Friday night I really enjoyed the dinner with some friends. The food was very good, and the company was wonderful. The only setback was Kiddo was in a friend’s home. It was to be a sleepover but she went from early afternoon and went home to sleep later that night. The Peking duck was very good, and the other dishes included beef, crab, chicken and prawns as well as some wonderful fishballs and seafood noodles were all special and also very good.

Since Kiddo missed that meal we took her there last night and again had the Peking duck, plus a beef dish. She thoroughly enjoyed it. Tress and I did too. 2 meals of rich poultry and meat in 3 days, plus the usual wine, all add up to a significant gout threat. It played up in my mind just as we settled down after coming home but it literally crystallised this morning when I woke with a tight ankle. Plans to get to the gym scuttled, I popped an anti-inflammatory and got back to bed. Thankfully, about 45 minutes later I woke again and the tightness had subsided substantially and I could go to work.

Kiddo’s love affairs with rich food comprising red meat must be quarantined from yours truly…