When it suits???

I wonder why my sincerity of acknowledging leadership was questioned last night but here it is and it is a clear signal for me that my time is up.

On to life as an ordinary member now…

From: Teh, Ian
Sent: Wednesday, 23 May 2012 10:34 AM
To: [ ]
Subject: Have a great birthday

Happy birthday [ ]. I hope you have a good day, [ ]’s absence notwithstanding.

I want to again affirm and acknowledge your leadership in LifeGate and will continue to submit to it. In challenging your ideas and proposals I meant and intended to extract from the deep recesses within you, the ideas, commitments and actions which your very apparent love for our Lord can only harness and process in the most beneficial and indeed blessed manner.

I hope you will forgive and look past my clumsy manner and consider not my demeanour and tone but the content of what I say. I can only hope whatever the inadequacies of the manner of delivery, the message will be received.

Your ample wisdom, derived from your love for the word of God, will take you far but your journey and destination can be shared by and benefit others a lot more if those ideas, commitments and actions find their way to those around you in a manner which allow them to work with you. I urge you to let those ideas, commitments and actions take root and blossom, regardless of the outcomes of sharing and engagement with the Board.

Having said that I do not believe the Board has adopted any approach or taken any actions to prevent that from happening. The contest of ideas will always happen. George Verwer’s more earthy remark comes to mind. (where there are 2 or 3 gathered in His name, there will be trouble…). The robustness of the contest should not cause those ideas, commitments and actions to seek refuge in those deep recesses. I believe your love for our Lord and your love and application of the word of God will give you the necessary love, wisdom, power and strength to harness those ideas, commitments and actions that will bring abundant blessings to LifeGate. As a Board member I sincerely hope the contests will help shape those ideas and actions in a manner which will benefit the largest number of people in LifeGate and over the longest period of time.

Have a blessed day and may you find strength in our Lord and His word as always.

Yours in Christ