On Being Alone

Early on Saturday morning, I watched England chase hares, get lucky off Walcott’s shot and win with a clever flick off the heel by a United player. It was a nice way to start the weekend – not that England won, but a United player (Wellbeck) scored the winning goal. Game over, I went about the usual Saturday morning activities. After dropping off and picking up the dry cleaning and getting some groceries for a near-empty fridge, I started to make my way to the airport. I realised it was still a bit early and allowed myself to be distracted by a Kathmandu shop on Whitehorse Road which had a “60% off” sign the size of Mao’s portrait at Tiananmen Square. After killing off enough time I finally made my way to Tullamarine. I got there early so I stopped, as most people do, at Macca’s and got my second cup of coffee for the day. Just as I picked up the coffee, Kiddo texted to say she was making her way out.

I saw her waiting at the 1-minute pick up area, stopped the car and got out to load her bags and we drove away. She looked happy and excited but a little tired. She later told me she had gone to bed really late the previous night – just when I was getting up to watch the football. It was nearly noon when we got to the Eastern and after deciding we’d have a yum cha lunch somewhere, I asked if she needed anything. She said her shoes were busted and showed me the dangling sole off one foot. Apparently one cold and rainy night a few weeks ago, Canberra Raiders weren’t the only ones who got killed. Her shoes were ready for last rites.

So after lunch we went to Myer at Knox and got a couple of pairs (second of which were only picked up the next day). We then went to pick up a dessert for dinner at Brian and Doreen’s before finally getting home. I took the really excited noir wizard out for an extended walk while Kiddo settled down at home. Back from the walk, I made coffee for the both of us, and later that night we went to Brian and Doreen’s. It was good catching up – there were a couple of families we had wanted to know more so it was great. Kiddo looked really tired after 9pm so I excused ourselves and went home.

Early on Sunday morning, I watched a Greek side determined to provide their country with some solace and applied tremendous discipline, worked really hard and beat a Russian side who were really good just a couple of matches earlier. Tress’ flight was coming in earlier than Kiddo’s so soon after the game I took off and got to Tullamarine. She texted to say the airport was really busy so she would be a while. I parked, went in to the arrival area and waited. It was a little while but when she finally came out it was wonderful. I had survived the week without her but only just. We went home, she immediately unpacked and busied herself with all sorts of stuff at home and the house felt like a normal home again.

After God created a lot of stuff and gave man some rules, He said it wasn’t good for man to be alone. Our God knew all along, I guess.