Winter Work

Tress left for Malaysia last Friday night. I got home and stayed up to watch the European championship match between Poland and Greece, with the little furry ball next to me. I didn’t get to bed till almost 3, and slept in the next day.

I only woke around 9, did the laundry, let the little noir jedi out, dropped off and picked up my shirts at the dry cleaner’s, did grocery shopping and then went to Myer for their stocktake sale. All I wanted to find was a suit jacket to replace one which picked up a tear on a sleeve. I found the one I was looking for but they all come with 2 pants. I didn’t want to end up with one suit jacket with 4 matching pants so I wandered around looking at all the wonderfully reduced prices of a huge range of items.

I ended up getting a coffee machine, which after all the discount, ended up being nearly half price. I was really happy with it and over the long weekend I made myself quite a few cups of really nice coffee. I washed the old coffee percolator and kept it away in a box.

On Sat night I went to a really nice restaurant with a few others. One of Tress’ friends had wanted to shout her to this place so it’s kind of sad she was away just as everyone else could make it. I had gone home after shopping, did some house cleaning and then went to this dinner in the city. When we got home I stayed up again for more football.

I slept in on Sunday morning, then went to a christening service in a catholic church in Doncaster. There was then a lunch at Canterbury and finally, I went to a couple’s home for a steamboat dinner. Then it was more football game.

Yesterday morning I stayed home, cooked brekky, watched a DVD and then went out for a bit to go someplace warmer. It had been so cold. It’s kind of a quiet way to have the last public holiday before a long period of continuous working, till Melbourne Cup comes around! I guess it’s time to really put my head down and just work…


One thought on “Winter Work

  1. Awww should’ve told me that Myer was have stocktake!
    Wouldn’t mind an electric beater/whisk thing for baking attempts. 🙂


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