Settling Down, Checking Out

Tress and I were in the same car on the train home last night. It was however, so crowded that I could not make my way to where she was standing. So she and I could see each other but there were maybe 15 or so people between us, within a distance of maybe 5 or 6 metres. That’s how congested trains in Melbourne are today.

We got home and I walked the little black jedi, while Tress cooked a wonderful dinner of noodle soup with yong tofu. It was a near perfect dinner. The little pooch was very excited with the walk last night. It was just after 6 but it was already nearly pitch dark. I thought he behaved differently to the other times when I walked him. Maybe the dark brought about different scents. Maybe the possums were out in full strength and my little champion pooch knew and his senses were heightened as a result. I thought I heard them on trees and the fact that Scruff stopped several times and looked up some trees confirmed my suspicion. The half hour walk was certainly more interesting than it normally was, and I got home very ready for the noodle soup. It was delicious.

As satisfying as the dinner was however, I had trouble going to bed early – must have been the coffee I had just before 4 that arvo.

Life is slowly settling down to a certain pattern for Tress and I now. I’m not sure what shape that would take eventually, but I can sense the process taking place. We both just want to go to work, have our time off after work and at weekends, and catch up with kiddo whenever she can. We want to play a part in our local church but only in a way which doesn’t create any angst particularly for me. That will almost certainly mean I leave the board sooner rather than later, and maintain my involvement at the cell at the most. Even that will cease at some point, probably before too long. I have now been doing this cell thing for a few years now, and it was by default. The cell leader had left the church and the cell coordinator did not appoint any replacement and I ended up “carrying the can” and I haven’t found the opportunity to revisit this role since.

I guess it would be an understatement to say I am presently no longer convinced an active involvement in the local church scene is necessary or even beneficial. The Board has come across as an irrelevance, even a nuisance. The activities which appear to be happening feel like they are disconnected from the articulated vision, and I have no idea what is being done which is part of where the church was meant to be heading. It would be better to park all of that sort of consideration and simply turn up each Sunday, spend time with other believers, listen to the sermon and go home for that weekend rest. I have a feeling I am not alone in feeling this way.