Frustrating Church Governance

I continue to despair over what appears to be a frustrating knot in the church board.

We had a board meeting last week, a meeting I should have ceased attending since December of last year. I’m still hanging on, having avoided further angst in insisting I left the board – one which I have been frustrated with.

In the meeting last week it happened again and found myself just at a loss of where/what we’re onto.

There was an agenda of clarifying vision. When someone else asked why we needed this agenda at this point in time, it was suggested that we still had differing values and we couldn’t decide on a number of things as a result. How this apparent non-decision necessitated a vision clarification was something I could not understand and asked if it could be discussed further.

It turned out – or it appeared to be the case – that the source of this revisit was issues with spending approvals. How questions on spend requests lead to a need to clarify vision is still beyond me. The church had a vision – has one.

The unfortunate fact is that little has been done to flesh it out.

The vision was a “DC3” depiction – discipleship in a multi-cell, multi congregation and multi community context. Given that vision I would have expected a concerted effort to build the cell ministry as a start. We had next to no drive to build on whatever cell activities that had pre-existed the current history of this church. The several times I tried to utilise the cell platform – by disseminating snippets of information on missionaries etc – to cell leaders have been met with completely muted response. There was one single cell leaders meeting with little or no follow up plans, programs or activities.

We had instead, a number of what appears to be unconnected parcels of programs. How these were connected to the vision were not articulated or sold. It all seems like prescribing something for a totally different condition, and the Board continue to be made out as an irrelevance while all the while it was said it was the pastor’s first team.

The frustration continues…