New Digs

A week has passed in my role. I now have a very convenient commuting arrangement, albeit nothing beats a leisurely 10 minute drive in suburbia, as in my previous role. The office, building is directly across the road from the station. This is the closest I have ever been to the station and the absence connecting commute is liberating.

The eastern end of central CBD is often known as the Paris end and although this applied particularly to Collin Street, one feels a bit of this label further up from Collin as well. The abundance of theatre, high end labels, old eateries as well as older architecture such as the Windsor, Spring Street and the Exhibition building, all lend to a Eurocentric genteel aura.

All that air of being on the high end of town came crashing down late yesterday afternoon however, when a colleague warned me of the mouse plague the building is accursed with. Apparently someone has seen a dead mouse on our floor and many have had their cereal box chewed through. So everyone has been asked to keep any foodstuff stored in drawers to be boxed up in proper sealed containers. My little box of sultana raisins promptly went back to my briefcase last night when I left the office…