Moolah from Fed Govt

I got home after work yesterday to be greeted to the sight of a happy  Kiddo, who is home for the Easter holidays. She asked if I saw an email she sent not long before I got home. It was a piece of good news, in the form of an ANU scholarship. It is meant to cover lodging for a year, and it is good for 4 years. It is given to all PhB students, which isnt a large group.

It’s the first time we got money from the government, after paying out truckloads of dough in taxes all these years. We’re very grateful none the less.

I also start in my new role at Super Partners in a few weeks and will have to plan my routines and priorities again.


Mini Meltdown

The waiting to hear back scenario played out again yesterday and toward the end of the day I sort of had a mini meltdown. Scruffy and I had what was probably a 2.5 hour walk and he certainly went to parts of Blackburn he had never been to before.

By the time I got home, Tress had left a note saying she had to be in church for a meeting. She was being her usual quiet yet clearly supportive self.

It can be very hard trying to expect a tangible engagement from God. It is probably what I dont really want in any event but sometimes the external and tangible assurance would have helped.

Anyway, the wait continues

(it has now been 24 hours since the last meeting)