Malaysian AG, Police and Najib

I have a theory on why Najib has shied away from investigating this – Musa probably has the photo of him and Altantuya…
Probe on AG and ex-IGP if Pakatan captures Putrajaya

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang has declared that Pakatan Rakyat will probe attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail and former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan for alleged criminal wrongdoing if it captures federal power in the next general election.

This, he said, is because Prime Minister Najib Razak’s refusal to act on former Commercial Crimes Investigation Department (CCID) chief Ramli Yusuff’s complaint that Gani had fixed him and his team of police officers after they arrested an underworld figure.

“If there is no judicial tribunal, then we have to go back to the mandate of the people for a tribunal to find out whether we have criminals as the (former) head of police and attorney-general,” Lim told a 5,000-strong crowd at a Pakatan Rakyat ceramah in the Kuala Selangor stadium last night.

Lim said the allegation made by a former top police officer was unprecedented even in other countries and should have warranted an immediate investigation from the premier.

Last Friday, Najib had dismissed calls for a tribunal, stating that it was merely a claim which had yet to be substantiated.

Following this, Ramli expressed his disappointment that he and his officers, which he said had been wrongly charged but subsequently cleared by the courts, have been denied any avenue for justice.

Police officers willing to testify

Malaysiakini had reported that in 2007, Ramli (right) – on the orders of then deputy internal security minister Johari Baharum – investigated Johor-based underworld figure Goh Cheng Poh only to find, according to the ex-CCID chief, indications that Musa had helped Goh in his gambling and money-laundering businesses.

Gani was said to have then instructed the Anti-Corruption Agency (now the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) to access highly-confidential files on the case and used that information to hunt down informants who assisted Ramli’s team and coerced them into implicating the police investigators instead.

Ramli and six of his police officers were later hauled to court on various charges but they were all acquitted.

Following the revelation, several police officers, both serving and retired, have come forward with offers to testify if a tribunal is set up to investigate Gani and Musa.


Relationships and its woes

These past 2 weeks have been very difficult ones. For one reason or another people I admired have either publicly had a go at me, or do flip flops in relation to work and stuff I care about. Or maybe cared about.

A very dear friend and brother put up a rant in his facebook a few weeks ago. I dont think I am wrong to come out of it thinking I am one of those in the line of fire. The other stuff he wrote about also arced me up so I dwelled on it a few days and then I wrote a personal letter to him. A letter in the traditional sense, ie sent via post rather than an email. I wanted to make it a personal communication without making it easy for re-transmission, although of course it could be easily scanned if this mate of mine (I hope he still is) should so decide.  I have not heard from him since. I dont know what to expect going forward, and whether we can still claim to be close friends after this.

And then a few days ago after a church meeting, I wrote to someone with some points to consider. I wrote it in an email the next day after the meeting. The response suggests he is unhappy with the church board, probably principally me. Since reading his response on Friday night I have been having a torrid time.

I tried leaving the church board almost 3 months ago precisely for this reason – to avoid this sort of exchange. It isnt a nasty one, just that it shows up areas with so many unresolved issues and areas which there are so many disagreements from the perspectives of values and approaches.

I am not known as what some have termed as a “relational” person. Yet these developments have been eating at me. I dont know what relational means – maybe it simply means we high 5 each other more than think about our relationships. So I dont have that “touch” factor so much so perhaps I am not as relational.