Reports Galore and Hazy Moments

A few weeks ago I was asked to write a church report. It was to be one of several reports this new regime wanted to include in an AGM report, beyond just the statutory financial stuff. I was reminded about it a few days later and I needed to get it in before the end of the week. So I got home, got it done, and sent it in and it was about mid week. About a week later after a board meeting we were circulated a compilation of all reports submitted. I looked at them and when I got to mine I noted that it hasn’t been read at all.

So I got a bit disappointed.

Over the weekend there were more emails and more reports requested. I decided a de minimis approach was the order of the day.

All these reports. All on stuff we have already talked about repeatedly. It isn’t like there are reporting requirements put in place in a general meeting or the board. Why are we making ministry in a local church so bureaucratic and paper laden? If there is evidence that these reports are read meaningfully and analytically then I’d be more supportive but for the moment it looks like a form over substance stage, which given the context of a local church such as mine, is probably just a meaningless exercise.


We were at Jason and Mel’s on Friday night till late. After the cell meeting a few of us stayed behind and just chatted and it was about midnight when we left.

On Sat morning Tress and I had our usual coffee session first thing in the morning (after sleeping in a bit), went to the dry cleaning place for my stuff, and then went home for some gardening. I cut the hedges at the back fence, which are probably over 4 meters in height now. The green bin was filling up really quickly so I couldnt have them all trimmed the way I wanted – had to leave it for another day. We then worked on the pine tree at the front. A big branch had grown towards the roof of the house and we’ve been hearing noices in that part of the house at night, and we suspect they’re possums. I thought the branches were making it easy for these possums to getonto the roof.  So I had the big branch lopped off and we had to leave a big section of it in the front lawn towards one side.

We got a video from Video Ezy later that night and I gave the Little Black Jedi a bath but other than that I really couldnt remember what else we did. Just as it was a bit of a blur for me last night – not sure what I did, other than speaking to Kiddo over Skype.  We went to church of course, and after that we had lunch with Auntie Hooi and Uncle Marloney, after which we went and got some grocery, got home and cooked some food for the week’s lunches and dinners. We took the Little Black Jedi for a long walk later that evening and other than these things I really couldn’t remember what else we did.

I dont know if that is why we need written reports… sigh