Run, (Forest ?)

العربية: تمرين الضغط
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I had to pick myself up and try to run again.  So I jumped on the treadmill yesterday and did a laborious 50 mins or so, doing just under 8km. Ditto this morning. I also started doing side bends with some weights; so pathetic is my core strength now. Doing sit ups on an inclined bench was also much tougher than I had expected. Big payback for all the indulgence of this past year or so.

Someone asked me recently why I had piled on the pounds. My take? There just isn’t any other source of fulfillment now, other than food. I feel demotivated in a lot of things, principally at work. I got to get off this trench, hopefully by running again and taking care of what I shove down the pie hole. I need to find some motivation from somewhere, which would replace food as that something I look forward to.

I guess doing 8km is better than not doing anything at all but I would love to do that in under 40 minutes again, not under an hour. And I want to be totally focused on work again.