Filip please?

Let’s see.

Israel may send a few planes up Iran’s way and release a few bombs and then start a war. If it doesn’t, Iran may get their nuclear toy and point it at Israel, amongst others.

Meanwhile Russia is giving Hilary Clinton (who is looking aged) some stick back for suggesting it and China are not playing ball to the detriment of Syrians. While Russia and China play spoilers to Hilary and company, the Syrian town of Homs gets bombed.

The Greeks are having a go at lenders while meeting with IMF and ECB big wigs. The Eurozone looks like it will fester for a while yet. America cant help because it’s in pretty deep too – about 15 trillion dollars, and Mitt Romney is suggesting he can fix it better than Obama. China wont help because it is smart with money. Europe looks like a bottomless pit as its people demand high wages and Grade A lifestyle despite not being able to afford it.

Closer to home, the PM is drowning and her foreign minister is pouring in more water and hard-to-like individuals like Rob Oakeshott has his day in the sun again, much to the chagrin of many. Bob Brown meanwhile continues to look stupid on finance matters.

As all these merry news make their way around the globe, Kiddo is dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s for her new life in Canberra. Last night she had some friends over. They were playing cards and Tress and I came home and fixed them dinner. I got a variety of snags and some fish to throw on the barbie and Tress made a salad. They played till about 10.30pm. It’s great she’s able to spend time with close friends before leaving, and doing stuff at home tops it off.

Some folks in church asked me how I felt with Kiddo’s impending new adventure. I honestly don’t know. I just feel tired. Physically, emotionally and mentally I feel tired. Not in the exhausted sense but in the flat, low energy and almost lethargic sense. I don’t know if it is because I haven’t had a decent break since our trip to Shanghai and Suzhou in September 2010. We have had a few mini getaways – to Echuca and Canberra amongst others but those trips were fillers. They should count as breaks nevertheless I guess, but for one reason or another I just feel like some refreshing in one form or another is badly needed. I need a fillip of sorts.