Warped Aussies

Something is badly wrong when a community forces organisations to sweat bricks to protect details like addresses and phone numbers on account of privacy considerations when a school teacher is permitted to engage in production of pornographic material with impunity.

The schoolteacher in Oberon High School in Geelong ought to be stood down with a view of eventual outright dismissal. How he is not just permitted to remain but also considered to be “well regarded” after what’s happened, shows how warped this community has become.  I’m almost ashamed.

Rockbank Woes

I was sleeping in this morning and caught the 6.30am news on the bedside radio. The news which caught my attention was that somewhere in Melbourne someone has been charged for butchering and selling meat illegally, notably dog meat.

It turned out it was in Rockbank, a suburb on the north west of Melbourne, near Deer Park.

I have to confess I feared the offender being Chinese, but thankfully (hopefully) this seems unlikely. Admittedly the data I looked up was from the 2006 census but there appears to be no Chinese population in this town. Maltese, Italians, English, Kiwis and Cypriots were the major groups.

I hope the offenders get dealt with properly and this sort of thing ceases to be a problem here.