Thriller in the Arena? Marathon in Melbourne?

English: Djokovic with the Australian open trophy
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The game was way past the 3 hour mark when I said to Kiddo I needed to go to bed. Djokovic was 2-1 up and looking good in the fourth and it was about 11.30pm. When I was up at about 5.45am this morning I grabbed the iPad to check out the results…

What do you know – it was a thriller in the Rod Laver Arena, a super-human marathon in Melbourne! The nearly 6 hour 5-set match was almost 9 times as long as a Wimbledon final in 1936 (apparently – thanks to Wikipedia) when Fred Perry won it in 3, in 40 minutes! Djokovic has beaten Nadal so many times now, and has held the Australian Open title 2 years running. What a player he has turned out to be. I remember noticing him when he was making fun of Sharapova, mimicking her actions – hence the “Joker” moniker I guess.

For many people today is back to work day. What a way to finish off the summer holidays for these folks, being treated to a grand tennis match. Thank you Novak and Rafael…


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