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Kiddo and I had a couple of pork chops and eggplants last night, all cooked on the Webber Q.  I also threw in a couple of sweet peppers. Tress didnt want any dinner as she had a biggish lunch at Little Nyonya again.

We have been having eggplants a lot – everytime we do a barbie, which has been a little frequent in recent weeks. Apparently eggplants are great for you, so I guess we’re ok. Look at this write up re eggplants:

Nutritional Value of Eggplant

Eggplants are rich sources of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals and contain very less calories. This makes it an ideal component of the low fat diets and the diets of those working on weight loss. Other essential minerals contained in eggplant include potassium, manganese, magnesium and copper. Eggplants are very important sources of phytonutrients, which is obtained from their deep purple color.

Dietary Fiber
Eggplants provide dietary fiber in abundance which is essential for regulating and facilitating smooth bowel movements. The dietary fiber in eggplant also helps, lower blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. One cup serving of eggplant would contain approximately 10% of the recommended dietary fiber.

Eggplants contain vitamins like vitamin C and b-vitamins, but they are not very high in content. One cup cooked serving of eggplant would contain approximately 2-5% of the recommended vitamin B1, vitamin B-3, vitamin B-6 and vitamin C.

A very interesting nutritional fact about eggplants are that they contain trace amounts of nicotine, which is absolutely harmless to the body. The nicotine levels in eggplants are way less than that in cigarettes.

One cup serving of eggplant contains around 3% of the recommended potassium intake. The potassium in the eggplants is beneficial for those suffering from low blood pressure levels and it also regulates the beating of the heart.

Calories and fats are something, that the eggplant contains the least and this is what makes it a healthy component of daily diet.

This is the most important nutrients that eggplants contain. They contain phytonutrients like flavonoids, caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid. The flavonoid Nasunin in eggplants, has high levels of antioxidant properties and is known to be a scavenger of free radicals, thus protecting the cells of the body. Nasunin is also known for its ability to protect the fats surrounding the cell membrane of the brain. The chlorogenic acid it contains is known to be the most potent antioxidant that displays antimicrobial, antiviral and antitumor abilities and plays an important role in the prevention of many diseases.

Eggplant Nutritional Facts

The table below has some detailed information on the eggplant nutritional facts.

Nutrient Content
Dietary Fiber 10%
Vitamin C 3%
Calcium 1%
Iron 1%
Thiamin 2%
Riboflavin 2%
Niacin 3%
Pantothenic Acid 2%
Vitamin B6 3%
Potassium 5%
Phosphorus 2%
Magnesium 3%
Zinc 1%
Copper 3%
Cholesterol 0%

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  1. really interesting and a nice refresher for me – after my posting on an eggplant recipe, someone asked me about the nutrition of an eggplant and I forgot to mention to them the most important component – the phytonutrients! thanks for the pingback!


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