Food Handrers

See this story about dodgy food outlets.

Sushiman is an outlet in Box Hill Centro and unfortunately I have bought my sushi from that outlet a number of times before.

This does nothing to my disdain for Chinese migrants who bought up food businesses simply as a means to maintain their residence status. For may of them there is little interest in the food business overall, let alone safe food handling issues. In the case of Sushiman apparently a fine of $145,000 was levied. Again, this is of little consequence to Chinese migrant business owners. Sure, such a fine hurts and it may make them take more notice but I suspect it would have little impact on the malaise of Chinese businessmen buying up food outlets with little or no interest in food service. Many of these business persons are wealthy and what drives them is not the relatively puny fines but maintenance of their residence status. The way to deal with this effectively is to disqualify them from owning, operating or investing in food business. Some form of risk assessment which takes into account what can better act as deterrence or incentives, ought to be in place to deal with this. Just my untutored observations…

If you want a bit more info, see here.