Wintery Summer’s Day

It was 11 degrees at 5.40 this morning. At the gym people were in trackies and when I got in to the office it was still only 13 deg. As far as the weather goes in Melbourne, the only constant is change. It no longer feels strange to see, in the middle of January, people walking about on the streets with a jumper or coat. At the office this morning I had a meeting with a couple of external IT guys and one came in a jumper and the other, a sports coat.

When we first came here in 2004, the “spread” of temperature through the course of a day was a feature I marveled at. It could be 8 deg in the morning and 30 deg at 3pm. At least today it would remain cool throughout, hitting a top of 19 deg. We were often reminded to keep jackets in the car because you could almost be certain that the weather will change at some point.

We were out at the Tullamarine airport again last night, dropping a mate off with his daughter to resume his holiday and it was cool. It was our fourth trip to Tulla since New Year’s Eve and there will be at least one more this weekend. The first one on NYE was a sweltering night and last night, it was cool – all within a 10 day period.

It has been a mild summer but today feels anything but summery…

See this story on The Age

Winds deliver a dose of winter

Adam Cooper

January 11, 2012 – 9:48AM


Parts of Victoria have been buffeted by winds of more than 100km/h as Melbourne’s hot summer conditions give way to an unseasonal wintry blast.

Just a week after Victoria began the new year with a heatwave, high winds were recorded around the city this morning, with gusts of 95km/h felt in Frankston, 83km/h in Fawkner and 74km/h at Melbourne Airport.

The strongest winds were felt at South Channel Fort, in Port Phillip Bay near Sorrento, where a gust of 107km/h was recorded at 8.14am.

The State Emergency Service is monitoring the winds, but says there has been no major damage caused by falling trees.

However commuters on the Pakenham and Cranbourne train lines, in Melbourne’s south-east, will experience a longer trip to work after a tree fell on an overhead power line.

Metro has tweeted that services are suspended on the two lines between Oakleigh and Dandenong stations, with buses ferrying passengers between them.

Metro says outbound trains on the two lines will terminate at Oakleigh until further notice.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Terry Ryan said the high winds were felt around 8am today.

“We’ve had very windy weather this morning but conditions will be easing this afternoon as the front moves away and the high slowly moves towards us,” he said.

“The morning will be windy but the wind will back off this afternoon … we’ll have strong winds on the bay, but the real gales will be gone by 10 or 11am.”

Mr Ryan said snow had fallen at Mount Hotham, although it was not settling because the ground was too warm.

He said snow could fall at any time, but it was fairly unusual to record falls in the first two months of the year.

“We’re still recovering from spring, you might say. It’s more a spring event before we launch into the depths of summer,” he said.

A top temperature of 19 degrees has been forecast in Melbourne today, but it will be colder in other parts of Victoria.

Rain and high winds are expected in Ballarat, across Gippsland and on parts of the west coast.
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