Anwar Ibrahim’s fate in his hands

He’s the judge in the sodomy trial of Anwar Ibrahim.

Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah was only made a judge in 2006. He did his law in University Malaya. He’ll (ostensibly) affect the outcome of Malaysian politics.


Telling moments

A mate of mine in church was back in Melbourne after his holidays in Malaysia and we caught up yesterday. He’s a politics buff so we spoke about it a bit.

Today’s an important day for Malaysian politics. The absolute farce that has been Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial (Mark II) has turned me off Malaysian politics completely and I have not been following it for a while now. The verdict is due out today and although his defence lawyer Karpal Singh remains confident of an acquittal many in Malaysia are expecting him to go to jail, again.

Najib Razak and his regime has been a putrid joke on Malaysia and the tragedy is that there is nothing in sight that would suggest Malaysia will be able to crawl out of this Aegean’s stable, anytime soon.

Anwar Ibrahim unfortunately, was part of the problem and his current mob was also from the old fold. Even is the next general elections in Malaysia brings about a new government, there is no real prospect for change for the better.

On the home front…

Tress took part of the arvo off on Friday to be at Docklands for her parents’ farewell dinner, on time. So when I got home she was already home. She was sitting on the couch with Kiddo.

I walked in and realised a bit of a momentous occasion was unfolding. I saw a letter from the UAC with an early offer for Kiddo to do the Philosophy Bachelor (PhB) course at the Australian National University. I was very happy for her but knew instantly that it would mean she would indeed leave home very soon.

Chances are she would also secure an offer to do the Arts/Law (BA/LLB) course in Monash University but it is very unlikely she would prefer this course to the ANU PhB one.
We have about 4 – 5 weeks to plan whatever she needs and then it would be just Tress and I here in Melbourne. I need to think about what I want to do with my time here…