Post and Pre

Kiddo has wanted to do a course at the ANU called the PhB. Philosophy Bachelor is like a junior PhD program and she wants to do it with an eye on an academic career of sorts.

Earlier this morning she found out that someone has received an early offer via email. The usual offers are made mid Jan – 18th in this case – but apparently the PhB program works differently to other courses in ANU.

I sincerely hope she is provided with the option to do this course. It would surely make her very happy.

Sometimes serendipity takes its course and what someone ends up doing with his life really is for the better and what he thought he had missed out on was really for a good reason. Many Christians would say it is providence or special favour and I have no doubt God is in control but it happens to all sorts of people so I guess it is perfectly ok to view the phenomenon as simply a fact of life. One only has to work and do the best he can.

Personally, I would have loved for her to do a course in Melbourne – possibly in Monash University – and continue to live at home with us. I know however that she wants this ANU program. I just hope she either gets an offer eventually. I don’t deal with setbacks too well it pains me to think she might also have to travel the same path. I hope she never has to experience the pain of such setbacks.

Many would not see the alternative of doing a course in Monash University as a setback, especially a BA/LLB. Many have worked hard but missed out on this opportunity. There are some amongst her peers however, who have created a de facto elitist environment which views a Monash University law course as something for the masses. The bourgeoisie of the ANU PhB mob can be negative that way.

It is my sincere hope that if she does end up doing the PhB course in ANU, it would not drag her down that path. I hope she gets the course but even more, I hope she would maintain or acquire a sense of equanimity about it all and be happy and grateful to be given an opportunity to pursue the career she wants and not wear any sense of superiority for opting for and travelling that path.