Year End Damper

We took Tress’ parents for a drive to Geelong on Boxing Day. There were about 10 of us in the group and the 2 cars made our way first to Geelong, then to Queenscliff where we boarded the ferry to Sorrento. At Sorrento we walked around in the town before driving through the Mornington Peninsular and spent the day just visiting the various foreshores. We had a picnic lunch at Rye, before pushing on. We tried to stop at a vineyard and the Garden World nursery in Springvale but they were closed. We had early dinner at the Walrus restaurant in Springvale before coming to our home for some fruits and tea.

The next day I had to send a mate and his family to the airport so Tress took the rest to the west, where some went to the Werribee zoo. I got to watch the cricket for a bit before making my way to the mate’s home and then to the airport after which I joined the mob in the west and helped out with some gardening there.

Yesterday I went to work and it turned out it was busier than we expected but it was good that was the case, in some ways. Looks like the year end would be somewhat non-descript. Wonder if this sort of sums up the year…