Bird on the Q

Last night we had dinner at a joint creatively named “No. 1 Delicious”. It’s a Chinese restaurant on Franklin Street in the city and to my (and Tress’) surprise, the food was very good and we really enjoyed it. For a while though, I wasn’t so sure about playing the part of Captain Caveman in doing a finger licking good with a couple of pork knuckles. complete with apparatus to work the marrows. Thanks Marina for the wonderful meal.

After the meal we tracked back to Point Cook (swapping driver role with Tress midstream to manage the booze bust on Palmer Street) and only made our way back home around 12 midnight.

This morning I got a few stuff to do the turkey on the Weber Q. By all accounts it is a great way to do a turkey so I’m quite excited. We’re meeting in Gerry and Jesslyn’s new home and hopefully this turkey (roll) will turn out well…