“Reading Tea Leaves”

Last night we were at a dinner in Templestowe. It was a restaurant a good mate of mine had introduced us to last summer and while we really enjoyed the food and service, we have not returned. It’s probably to do with the distance and somehow summer just makes it a whole lot nicer to be in a place like that.

With us were a close couple friend and a young lady serving in a missions agency. She had given up what was probably a good job as a pharmacist to do this and the couple friend and us were just trying to know her better as a friend. We were at her home for dinner just a few nights earlier too.

We had thought we should maybe keep the night free in case Tress’ parents wanted a meal but Tress had caught up with them for lunch earlier and thought they looked too tired for a night out with us. In any event, I have come to accept their visits as something I have really very little to do with as they always seemed to be more concerned with pleasing Tress’ uncles and aunties and going along with their plans – which is all fine with me.

At the dinner last night the conversation was again (inevitably) on the future pathways of Kiddo and that couple friend’s daughter. They are both in the process of choosing courses which would probably go a long way in affecting not just their own lives but ours too.

This is likely to go on for the next 3+ weeks


Earlier today the office had lunch at Natalie’s in Mitcham. The Chairman joined us, as did a couple of other people. At the restaurant, Ron Barassi the legendary AFL figure rocked up in a pink polo and acknowledged someone from our table who said something. In a restaurant that was surprisingly quiet for this time of the year, the legend’s presence was even more strongly felt.

It’s 3 more days to Christmas and I still wonder 2012 would bring…