More Chocolates

Tress’ parents arrive today for a 2-3 week holiday. This will be the first time they spend Christmas in Melbourne. In fact I think this is the first time they will spend Christmas anywhere outside Klang.

We are in a bit of a blur at the moment – things appear to be floating around a bit. I guess with our attention focused more or less on ANU in Canberra, we’re all thinking about what life will be like when Semester (or Term?) 1 2012 comes around.

These past couple of days Kiddo and I cooked dinner together. More accurately she did the cooking and I sort of stood around with a glass of chilled white in hand, giving instructions and occasionally demonstrating what I meant. I have to admit it felt good.

Actually what felt even better was seeing how Kiddo has developed into a young woman who will soon learn chart her own course in life. As in many things however, this is a double-edged course. The obvious positive has on the other side, the issue of an earlier than expected empty nest. What that does to me in particular is raise questions of what I was going to do with the time I will have in no longer having to think, plan and do things for a young one anymore.

My inclination is to return to a busier working life but I’m not sure I want to go look for another full on legal role, attractive as it sounds.

I have to say I miss the rigour, urgency and go-go-go environment legal work brings but on the other hand, I also enjoy my current early home time and the evenings just walking the dog with not much to think or worry about. A good mate has suggested to me this luxury can wait and I have easily 7-10 years left to push my working days further. I agree and certainly the additional income would come in handy too, especially given the extras ANU will ring up.

6 months ago I really thought I’d settle down and take things easy and just enjoy what I have now – great family, good work and a contented life. It looks like it is back to the drawing board again. Life is like that isn’t it? This box of chocolates continues to throw up surprises.