Another Day, Another Milestone…

Kiddo came back late Thursday night. Tress and I started to make our way to Tulla around 11pm. 2 minutes out from the airport she rang us, saying she had gone through immigration quickly and was the first one out to the baggage carousel. We picked her up and left the airport just after 12 and got home around 1 in the morning.

She unpacked her stuff with Tress when we got home, we talked a bit, looked at some photos and it was past 2.30am when we got to bed.

I slept only for a couple of hours before waking and sort of just waited for the sun to rise and for the day to unfold quickly. I told Tress I had to take Scruffy out for a walk just to ease the tension that was surprisingly building up.

Just after 7am, Tress thought she heard Kiddo’s phone register an incoming text. I said it was up to Kiddo to read that much awaited text, waited a couple of minutes and when Tress said Kiddo could be sleeping, I knocked on her door, and she woke up, rubbed her eyes and reached out for the phone.

After weeks, days and hours of anxiety, Kiddo’s VCE results were finally out. The good news – she has enough marks to do what she wanted to do. The bad news – she is likely to consider her much talked about (recently) PhB program in ANU.

Yes, Canberra it is likely to be.

We’ve since tried to extol the virtues of a BA/LLB course in Monash University, but I think we’re up against the creek and we have had to borrow a paddle from a close mate, who is also facing a dilemma himself. He and his wife are in a similar predicament as us albeit the choices their daughter (who is a good friend of Kiddo’s) has to make did not involve going away to live in a city 8 hours away.

After receiving her results and the rounds of face book and phone messages Kiddo and I went to get some brekky and we talked more about her Uni choices. I had taken the day off work in anticipation of the activities and later that morning we all went into the city, where ANU was holding an advisory day and we learned more about the PhB course, student accommodation and ANU in general. We got back around 3pm, rested for a bit (the 2 hour sleep the night before was starting to have its effect by then) before heading out to the city again for further activities by Kiddo. The day ended close to 12am and despite feeling like a zombie, for some reason I couldn’t sleep and needed to have a wind-down with a glass of wine in front of the tele.

The day has come and gone and it has been exciting, draining and a lot of reflecting. Above all, I am truly grateful to our God for all these experiences. He created us to love, share, hope and live and it has been a joy to do it all with people who mean the most to me.


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