Oh Danny Boy

It looks like Danny Nalliah is at it again. Obviously with him seeking political power, he’d try and resurrect his credentials, which were shot to bits in 2007 and then more.

I’d write him another letter but he doesn’t receive suggestions like mine, at all well. Many have complained about this. Best to ignore him i guess, but the below as a letter I tried writing to him about a year and a half ago:

To: Danny Nalliah

I really must say many share my views that you are a false prophet as proven in 2007. No “prophesy” depends on man’s action to be fulfilled.

If we as a church want to look at aspects of a leader’s life such as a de facto relationship, then let us all examine our own lives too. It would be hypocritical for us to demand a leader of a certain standard when we ourselves don’t (at least try to) live up to that standard.

Why is a de facto relationship a greater sin than other sins? What about sins of theft, coveting, idol worship and the like? How many of us freely download movies and music from the internet, thus stealing from rightful copyright owners? How many of us work endlessly to covet material things? How many of us idolise things, people and possessions to the exclusion of God and His children? How many of us get drunk habitually? Eat too much habitually? Being lazy and not working when we should? Why aren’t these sins given any attention so that collectively the body of Christ may submit and obey?

A pastor’s calling is to guide the flock to be more submissive and obedient to God so that we may be holy just as He is holy, not seek to influence the congregation to vote any which way as long as it is to the right conservative politics. Why is it all Christians who vote anywhere to the left of politics are viewed negatively, as though they are not being faithful to God and His calling? Why is a vote for labor necessarily a vote against the Judeo-Christian legacy? You are either trying to hijack the church to boost your own political views or you have serious misunderstanding.

You have proven yourself to be a false prophet. Don’t also make you out to be a false pastor.