3AW – you’re wonderful

3AW, especially Ross and John, is probably what makes Melbourne mornings (weekdays only, unfortunately) interesting for me. For years now I’d listen to them in the morning, probably leaving 2 to 3 radios on around  the house.

This annoys Tress no end. It also keeps me entertained and interested no end so I’d wear the risk. Every day. When I leave the house and turn all the radios off, it was the car radio which took over.

This morning for example they had a professor on. Tim Bedding of the Sydney Institute for Astronomy. They were chatting about a Kaplar 22B or something. The point that caught me was the bit when they talked about how infinitely huge the universe is. The professor was asked if he thought there was life elsewhere in the universe. He quoted Carl Sagan, who was also asked the question and who said “I dont know”. When asked what was his gut feel, Carl Sagan said he did not think with his guts.

Then Ross asked what his thoughts are when caught in a traffic jam in San Francisco – whether somewhere in the universe another person was fretting about traffic jams. Obvious points like why in a universe of infinite enormity we were caught up in a traffic gridlock in a tiny portion of space.  It was the speed of thought Ross demonstrated, as well as the way he captured – in an apparently banal manner – the significance of our relative sense in the world, which made me smile and wonder why some Melburnians bother with other stations.