Ugly Pageant, Malaysian born

I often dont care for Susie O’Brien’s articles. For some reason this Herald Sun columnist seldom write anything that strikes a chord with me.

Her most recent article however, had me nodding all the way. It has to do with the Miss Tourism Australia pageant. She thinks Victoria can do away with the pretense at promoting tourism – it is “just a second-rate Malaysian based beauty pageant. I can imagine this being another one of those hare brained events dreamed up by an idiotic UMNO person or a business person whose financial success is attributableĀ  only to the relationship he has with idiotic UMNO persons.

The sooner Victoria leaves this event alone the better it will be. Only those with a desperate need to have their 15 seconds of media attention need be associated with this rubbish.

I think I’ll read your work a bit more, Susie. Thanks again.