Bad read

It was a late night last night and I’m struggling to focus on work now, so I jumped on a couple of sites to browse.

Unfortunately one of them was the Malaysia Today website and this headline “Anwar squashed by Najib’s speech” caught my eye. It turned out it was a New Straits Time article so you know it is likely to be an utter waste of space. I didnt want to make the arvo any more laboured than it already is so I gave it a miss in a heartbeat.

I have left Malaysia for a number of years now so I am probably even more remote than ever before but everytime I see Najib Razak’s name it still floors me for how someone with so much baggage can be allowed to head the government and be accorded any respect at all. He still carries the stench of the Altantuya Shaaribu murder – the C4 explosives used by Najib’s aides, the link with Razak Baginda – Najib’s close aide – with Altantuya Shaaribu, the disappearance of her record of entry into Malaysia, the statements by the bodyguard of Razak Baginda, the purported photograph of Najib Razak and Altantuya Shaaribu and the reluctance of Najib Razak to ping Gani the AG and Musa Hassan the IGP, the link of Najib Razak to Perimekar and the Scorpene purchase… all these add up to be a huge 600 pound gorilla.

How does a beast of that magnitude get ignored and someone with so much dirt like Najib Razak still strut around? Not only should he be far away from the seat of government, he should be investigated and if appropriate, charged, tried and put away. It still angers me, strangely enough.