Summer’s here… really?

Summer’s finally here but you wouldn’t know it. It was 8 degrees this morning when I drove out to the gym. It would indeed be strange to be watching the cricket on television this summer.

The Kiwis open our cricket season in the Gabba this morning. Other than the cool morning, Peter Roebuck is also no more, so this summer and cricket would indeed be different. Despite all that has been said about Ricky Ponting, I’m glad he’s still there in the team facing the Kiwis. I hope he’ll be there against the Indians too. He’s the one constant to ensure this summer’s cricket wouldn’t be an entirely alien experience.

I was hoping to go for the Boxing Day Test in the MCG again this year, seeing we’re not planning to travel over the summer Christmas holidays. It turned out however that Tress’ parents would be here in a couple of weeks and would stay over Christmas and New Year. I wonder what they’d think about spending a day in The G watching Michael Clarke’s Australia trying to wrestle some dignity against the Indians. It would certainly be a treat to watch the Little Master and Ponting on opposite sides again. It could well be the last time these two play in the same test match. I dont think however, that the senior Chews would take any interest…

Summer’s really here?