New Horizons

We were away last weekend. Kiddo wanted to explore potential horizons and we obliged. It also meant she could clock up the requisite mileage as an L-plater.

We took off on Saturday morning, braving the downpour as I took us out of Melbourne. Once out somewhere on the Metropolitan Ring Road, kiddo took over and my role doubled. I was mentally still doing the driving but I was at the same time, keeping an eye on kiddo and making sure she was alert and focusing.

I stole the odd moment or so to break the monotony by taking pictures of the often beautiful country roadsides, especially when the rain abated.

LBJ came along for the ride and was very well behaved the entire time.

We got to our destination just after 5pm, checked into our pet friendly hotel, unpacked and then went out to a local Thai restaurant for dinner.

The next morning we went to a Uniting Church and relived liturgical service before visiting a market downtown and then proceeding to the CBD for Tress to visit the local Myer store. We then headed to Kiddo’s survey site and drove around a little bit before proceeding to a riverside for LBJ to do his business, enjoyed the clean crisped fresh air before looking for another restaurant for dinner. This time we found a Punjabi one and it was by far the best food we had in that town, all previous visits included. Happy, we went back to the hotel, watched the surprisingly good “Thor” starring Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins (liver licking good Hannibal) and Natalie Portman.

We left the next day just before 1pm, after Kiddo completed her survey and we pushed back to Melbourne, arriving just after 8.30pm. Kiddo was again at the wheel for the most part.

Kiddo at the wheel seems to be the overriding theme over the weekend, in so many sense of the word. She’ll soon be the driver and we will no longer take her where she wants to go.


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