Cricket’s Abyss

Peter Roebuck is dead? What would a cricket season be like without this venerable source of entertaining commentary? I’d listen to him on ABC every summer and read his columns in the Sydney Morning Herald – and I think I’ve been doing that for maybe 20+ years. In a way, maybe because I read SMH and heard ABC radio commentaries more than followed TV ones, he was an even more omnipresent character than Richie Benaud.

I thought cricket had plumbed the depths after the debacle of Michael Clarke‘s team in the first test in South Africa. Roebuck’s passing feels like cricket would be in an abyss and I have a feeling this summer will be an indeterminably long one.

I was just reading his latest column and he had said a lot can happen in a week. I wonder if he knew just how ominous that sentence could have also sounded.

Rest in peace, Peter Roebuck.