Conrad Murray’s Mahathir Defence

“It was self-inflicted”. Conrad Murray‘s defense came down to a Mahathir-styled joke. Both mad doctors. If the jury fails to convict the doctor for killing Michael Jackson, it’s much more of a la-la land than you’d ever know.

That was the story I caught on the little monitor on the cross-training machine in the gym this morning. It’s good to be back in the gym, after over a week’s break. The niggling purine driven inflammation (yes, gout) was at it all week and it made for a miserable one.

So yesterday arvo I dragged out the juice machine and did some vege stuff, hoping to do something good to this deteriorating body. Partly driven by guilt as a result of feasting on a masala dosa in a new Indian restaurant just a couple of minutes from home, the juice was actually very good. Celery, granny smith and carrots. The juicer will remain on the benchtop for a few weeks yet, I think.

Sort of what’s needed to keep the doctors away. If you know what I mean.


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