Delinquent Teenager – Body Blow or Knock-Out Punch to IPCC?

I’ve just read the first half dozen or so chapters of “Delinquent Teenager” and I wonder how IPCC will react to this. This is a death knell to IPCC, if they cannot respond adequately to Ms Laframboise.

The pre-eminent scientists we all thought the IPCC appointed were actually a kumbayah bunch of political appointments. Young barely out of university scientists were preferred over true experts in their fields. Young university graduates who have only an undergraduate qualification, and were appointed because they were female or had the right social concerns. Links with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Greenpeace were prominent. Rajendra Pauchari the head honcho in IPCC, was almost a patron to Greenpeace. How does he maintain objective impartiality in leading a team meant to do serious scientific research and investigation? Influence by activists abound.

This will be my side reading for the next couple of days – like many before me (although the book is just only hot off the press (9 October), and many more after me, I think the IPCC will henceforth be a joke as far as scientific reports, findings and recommendations are concerned.