Oh Stop It, Cindy Jacobs

If someone says “hands up if you think ‘I have a word from the Lord‘ can sometimes make Christians look like a big turnoff” my hands would probably go right up. Well Cindy Jacobs is at it again.

Instead of coming from the flavour and angle of American-styled right wing politics, the likes of Cindy Jacobs could do a lot better by asking Christians to just live properly and do the right things. The Kingdom of God isnt just about anti-abortion anti-euthanasia, anti gay marriage and other agenda normally associated with conservative politics. I would probably be the last to suggest what it should be about instead. All I know is the brand of religion promoted by Cindy Jacobs, Danny Nalliah and many others of the same ilk isn’t necessarily all that the Cross and the Kingdom message is about.

In the old days, the likes of Cindy Jacobs get stoned (not medicinally) for getting it wrong. Even if it is just once. Or maybe she is perpetually stoned which is why she keeps spouting this kind of stuff.

Enough of this prophetic gaffe. Get on with living normal just lives.