Karzai – Beyong Karakul

Less than 2 weeks after Mike Mullen named and (tried to) shame the Pakistanis for their role in supporting terrorism, Afghanistan has got in the act too. Harmid Karzai – he of the karakul hat fame – has now said the “Pakistani Islamic government” has not cooperated with Afghanistan in combating terrorism. Karzai has blamed Pakistan for Islamic terrorist troubles in Afghanistan.

For all of Greg Mortenson‘s alleged scandals, he did bring to light the issues of education in Pakistan and the consequences of bringing ammunition instead of books into the region and how the prevalence of madrasahs will often mean a continuing flow of militant Islamic fanatics.

Good on you, Karzai – it’s good to see you still there fighting away. It isn’t just your famous sense of fashion that’s keeping the attention of the world press on you.