Footy Grand Final (Cricket after – yay!)

As is often the case, Greece stands as a focus of world attention. If the Germans didn’t agree to prop it up, it was going to unplug the sinkhole for the rest of the world. Or so it appears. Maybe it is just the big German banks which needed protection.

While Europe worked overtime to prevent a crisis, down under we’re all working overtime to prepare ourselves for something far more important – footy Grand Final. I think it was Bob Paisley who said football isn’t about life and death – it is far more important than that. It felt like that once or twice last Friday when the Hawks went agonizingly close to beating the zebras to stake a claim for tomorrow’s big one. As it turned out, we couldn’t get that one goal we needed and went down by just 3 points, to see Collingwood line up against Geelong tomorrow.

I guess I will take a couple of hours off to watch the game at home, busy times notwithstanding.

I have an essay assignment due middle next week, but had to also prepare the home cell meeting tonight as well as prepare a presentation for a Christmas missions launch on Sunday. It all required a bit of ground work and not helping is a busy office – a colleague is away on medical leave, leaving only 2.5 staff to carry the work, which meant I have been busier than usual.

On top of all that, there has been a slew of meals planned with different people and I have been wondering what to cook and all that. Also, the storms recently mean the garden was in a mess and although I spent a couple of hours last weekend cleaning up, the continuing storm meant all that work would have to be repeated some time in the next few days.

All of that would have to be parked aside though – to honour, (no longer “One Saturday in September”) the climactic end of what has been a really interesting footy season. Bring on the cricket!