Mullen Names ISI (Pakistan)

The big wig in the US military is Admiral Michael Mullen. He’s become the first military top dog to publicly name Pakistan as an ally of Islamic terrorists. There has to be a catch as traditionally Pakistan is an “ally” of the west including the US. I guess there is, in the form of Mike Mullen’s impending retirement. He retires next week, and that statement was made in his final congressional testimony.

Why didnt he say something the world already knows, much earlier in his tenure? Perhaps that would complicate his job. He probably had to rely on the Pakistani ISI for all sorts of stuff, regardless of their support of the likes of the Taliban.

I guess sometimes you need to refrain from stating what would have been the obvious, just to preserve the efforts made for the “greater good”. I suppose for all the professed alliance the US never fully trusted the Pakistanis, as the assassination of Bin Laden quite clearly showed.

Perhaps Mullen is simply doing Martin Dempsey, his successor, a favour.