Cape Town Commitment

The Cape Town Commitment is set out in a 49 page document, something many of us struck with the modern disease of not reading anything more than 120 characters, would probably find a tad too long to plough through.

Perhaps for this reason this summary has been produced and at the least, all Christians, particularly leaders, ought to read. Hopefully we get to the full document as well but this should be the very least start.

Like many Lausanne Movement statements however, this commitment struck a chord with me in every single statement professed.

Why then hasn’t it had more traction here in Australia? Is it because our church scene mimics the American scene somewhat and our idea of global Christianity is really more American/UK/Australian Christianity?

In the context of the diminishing importance of the Christian faith to the society in these countries, this would be most ironic. If we really are attuned to what God is doing in this world today, the Lausanne Movement must be heeded ever more closely than before.

Scot McKnight thinks American churches have become tribal – only thoughts, movements, trends, people who emanate from America mattered to American churches. I often think Australian churches can be equally “tribal” in our ways.


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