Gillard and Media Inquiry – More like Malaysia Everyday

Gillard looks more like Najib Razak every day

Step by step, the Gillard Government is becoming more and more like the UMNO Government in Malaysia. The issue now is control over media. Never mind what Senator Conroy said the inquiry is about – it is about shutting down criticism over the Gillard Government.

See this interview with Bob Brown, PM of Australia – at least he can be credited with honesty in this case. He said it is about controlling the Murdoch Press.

I dont like the Murdoch press myself – things like The Sun paper in the UK may be a lot of fun when you are young or drunk (or both) but it is appalling in all other respects. The way they (News of the World and Murdoch Press) go about getting leads and breaching privacy of the most vulnerable, is really disgraceful. There is no reason however, to think what happened in the UK is also a problem for Australia.

The only problem with the press in Australia is with Julia Gillard and Bob Brown, the Prime Minister of Australia. They dont want criticism. They want to shut down or control their critics. That is very Malaysian. Gillard and Najib Razak are looking more and more alike every day.

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