…to the setting down…


His name is to be praised

I was taking LBJ out again at the oval and again, I was taken by how lucky (or to be church PC – blessed) to have such great views literally at our doorstep. This oval has beautiful trees surrounding it, with a few (3-4) more picthes around just metres away, as well as nets just next to  the clubhouse at the edge of the oval. All this, directly across the road from where we are. Scenes like the above are just a few steps away. On a sunny day, the ending is a majestic bow of the sun which leaves great colours and hues. Even my lowly smartphone camera could capture a glimpse of such beauty.

Until recently, when such glorious splendor unveils itself, I would still be at my desk, cranking out some opinion or advice, and leave the office when the nature show’s all over, and trudge along in the dark, to get onto the tram and train. It has been magnificent to be able to visit this gift of nature, so accessible and so glorious, on a regular basis. I feel really rich indeed. And ever so grateful.