Refreshing change

Strangely, my decision to skip a church meeting tonight turned out to be brilliantly refreshing. Staying home to clear some work and then settling down to a Denton interview followed by a Clapton guitar festival, all accompanied by a Glen Moray single malt was precisely the break I needed from some mindless numbling and stumbling stuff.


Good Intentions and Passion – Not Always Right

The age old saying that “the path to hell is lined with good intentions” needs to be uttered every now and then. This is important to stress the importance of what is right and what is not, not just the attitude or intention. To wit, note David Gallop‘s very valid point, with which I agree, albeit reluctantly – being a Melburnian.

David Gallop is the rugby league chief who was booed recently by fans of Melbourne Storm rugby league team. Obviously this relates to the the punishment dished out to Melbourne Storm for breaching the salary cap restrictions. Storm cheated and paid the price. What did the fans expect – that because they have a passion for their team and because their team has equal passion and the best of intentions, their wrong action didnt matter?

David Gallop said the fans’ passion didnt justify booing him. He said even terrorists had passion and that passion could in no way justify their cause or actions. He is right. He is, I guess, not likening the fans to terrorists but their misplaced passion and allowing that misplaced passion to drive wrong outcomes. In that sense, their behaviour is no different from that of terrorists.

Good intentions and a passionate approach don’t always make things right. If there was a wrong, it needs to be called out, regardless of whether good intentions or passion drove that wrong.